Battle of Votes , Deeg-Kumher most interesting constituency

Recently “Brij Times” conducted (voting is open) a poll in which , we asked “who will be the next MLA from Deeg-kumher constituency “. As we all know that this seat had become a battle ground since its origin after delimitation. The two major Jat leader fought election from this seat in past and had always a very close fight , First one was Jat king Vishwendra Singh of congress  and other one was  pronounce Jat leader Dr. Digamber Singh (sadly he is not us with now)of BJP . they  both have defeated each other once in past. In 2018 Dr Digamber Singh is not there to fight election, so Dr. Shailesh Singh  will fight the election from BJP.

In our poll,  audience feedback gives a clear signal that this constituency loves His king and BJP both , congress is nowhere. So if Vishwendra Singh fights election as a BJP candidate even god will  lose his security deposit. this constituency doesn’t give a single sign of reckon to congress. In absence of Dr Digamber Singh this election will be very tough to Shailesh Singh. He is to fought with a leader who is not only senior and experienced but have a very large mass appeal in public compare to him. In last election PM Modi campaigned for Dr Digamber Singh but all efforts were vanished by Vishwendra Singh by thumping a victory. Even this victory was not served in plate to VIshwendra singh, he campaigned so hard that being a king he knocked a single door asking for votes. Dr Digamber Singh made sly remarks on VIshwendra Singh’s campaign  ” Mein haaru yaa jeetu lekin raaja ko mhlo se nikal bahar aana pad rha hai mere liye ye bh kaafi hai” . It is said that Dr Digamber Singh already  knows that king will win 2013 election because people love their king and in pervious election of 2008, king had lost against him so, this time defiantly people will give sympathetic vote to his king, they can’t see him in miserable conditions.

In 2018 people are fed up with CM Vasundhra Raje which could go in favor of Vishwendra Singh. Although Dr. Shailesh Singh has his father’s name and fame to ask for votes and sympathy of peoples because of his father unfortunate death. Although  this election  will be  his first as a candidate but He is not  new in  politics. He had campaigned for his father earlier. He learned and gained all the experience from his father and advised him on local issues and had the trust of steadfast friends of his father. If he execute well all his skills derived from his father, he will be able to win against such a giant candidate King Vishwendra Singh.

if you also want to vote , please vote here . result will be announced as and when voting closed.

who will become next MLA from Deeg-Kumher seat

  • Rajjan Singh (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Vishwendra singh (47%, 333 Votes)
  • AAP Party Candidate (2%, 15 Votes)
  • Dr shailesh singh (50%, 358 Votes)

Total Voters: 704

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