Installing twiki wikipedia on windows platform , get your own free wikipedia

Prequisite for Twiki wikipedia installation on windows Plateform

  1. OracleVM virtual Box
  2. TWiki-VM.ova file you may download this from this

latest version is paid though older version is free

so go for free for your experience then buy latest version  if it matches your requirement

Importing the TWiki-VM OVF image into OracleVM virtual Box and setting :

Select “Import” in the File menu, and select “Choose File…”

Browse to and select TWiki-VM-6.0.2-1.ova, continue, set the location where the image should be saved

Boot the TWiki-VM-6.0 image

Change the root password:

In the TWiki-VM console screen,

login as root with password changeme

At the prompt, type passwd and enter a new (strong) password twice:
# passwd 
Changing password for user root.
New UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:

Set networking configuration (set IP address as per your network):

By default  TWiki-VM is configured for DHCP.

it should be changed to a static IP address if you wish to run this in your own network

Test default IP address

# ip addr

You should see a “lo” and a “eth0” entry

Network configuration for static IP address:

Login as root,

edit IP configuration by following command

vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

for editing press first of all  insert key  only then  you will be able to edit this file

for editing now use delete and insert key

and set its content to the following

IPADDR= as per your network (
NETMASK= as per your network (
GATEWAY= as per your network (

Restart the network by entering this command:
/etc/init.d/network restart

Confirm the IP address of the

TWiki-VM: Login as root and

enter the ifconfig command.

In this sample output, look for the inet addr in the second line (in eth0 section) :
eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:0C:29:89:8C:47
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:


now go to OracleVM virtual box  then select  the machine and go to setting go to network  set the attached to host only adopter to run twiki server/website on only your pc

go to network set the attached to Bridged  adopter to run twiki server/website on all pc connected your local network

change the IP address of your own(Host) PC virtual network adopter to as per your

twiki IP address

(see most right adopter in pic change the IP address of this virtual adopter)

e.g. as we give IP to twiki server so  here give IP which is same network as twiki server

Now Configure TWiki for proper use:

Now open your host PC browser and enter  URL Below


ipaddress you given/do/configure


run configure for the first time:

Enter a secure configuration password twice, and proceed to the configuration screen

Save (even though you have not done any changes)

Return to configuration

In the “General path settings” section,

set the {PermittedRedirectHostUrls} to the TWiki domain name and IP address,

such as, to the



Save the configuration changes and go to the twiki homepage and for more configuration return to configuration (See pic)

Congratulation, you have a fully functional TWiki installation!

for more reference you may checkout this video


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