kejriwal’s anarchist intentions, he is doing it willfully

Arvind kejriwal started his journey in politics though he had claimed at several occasions no to enter politics ,  which was not welcomed by his guru and Gandhian leader Anna Hazare.

His party AAP faught its first election and get to manage power. Arvind Kejriwal became chief minister. People gave him mandate again after failing of 49 days govt. but what did he give in return

  1.  He gave so much freebies to people and wants his people to get things in free not by own . Making people dependent to state.
  2. He willfully appointed  his MLA parliament secretaries so that he can manage them and all his MLA may remain loyal to him. bravo Kejriwal!!!!!!
  3. By this he was handling two take at a time, when some of  his founder party members and some other MLA rebelled against him none of these MLA speak a single word  favoring rebellions, and now as they have been  disqualified by President , he simply will  cry out  alleging vendetta politics by BJP.
  4. He tried to topple almost all constitutional institution of India, he raised finger on Army , doubted on surgical strike. After it he tried to tarnish image of Election commission of India, which till the time none politician had tried. In fact he is not politician. He is an anarchist who wants to topple all  indian democratic institution or constitutionally appointed  leader.

He and his team of nincompoops will try their level best to tarnish the image of President Ram Nath Kovind. So that he can play victim card and gain sympathies.But this time it is almost next to impossible that he may influence Delhites  , will he ?



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