Make your own professional website easy way -Pt 1

If you want to work from home and earn money then blogging is one of the best way.  Most people know that by blogging they can earn money, but a few of them know how to start it , what is the process for  starting your own blog or website . First of all you should be sure about the content which you want share with people after that we are here to help you out.

For starting a Blogging website or other website two things are required without which you can’t start these are essential. First of all we need a domain which will be web address of your website or may say URL. Domain registrar company are there to buy a domain e.g. Godaddy, Bigrock.  Second, you will need hosting module on which your website will run. Website hosting provider companies are also there e.g. wordpress, wix. These companies provide free webhosting and domain also but you can’t monetize them as wordpress ads will be served to them and wordpress will get profit of these ads.  You may go for google Blogspot but as google adsense takes generally 06 months to approve these blogspot websites. Although without monetization you can’t earn but if you are amateur you may go for it. If you want to pursue it as a profession, I would suggest you to choose paid website.

In order to run a professional website what should you do?

Read below– how to purchase a domain and webhosting in which you will pay for only web hosting and will get a free domain on which you can apply for adsense for monetizing on same day if you are having enough content.

  1. Go to official Godaddy website link is here
  2. Sign up for Godaddy account using facebook or gmail credential
  3. Now go to websites  as marked in picture


  1. Now click on wordpress websites as shown in picture

  1. Here you will find the different packages ( as shown below ) of wordpress for web hosting, now choose as per you requirement . if you are beginner I would suggest you to go for  basic . with these wordpress website  you will get a free domain  free absolutely  free for one year , so now you will   simply save money by getting a domain free .        click on add to cart as shown


now click on continue don’t check any box if you don’t want purchase these 

see below

now type the domain name which you want to purchase and check its availability , if not available make the same changes in by shifting words or adding no. etc , or find other  domain which is available. 

after checking availability click on select and continue. see the pic


 your products are shown here which you have added in cart 

check  products . if any unwanted product is there  remove it and check periods also for how much period you are buying the product (as shown in pic) and proceed for checkout and do the purchase by net banking or debit card etc.

After  purchasing you will be redirected to Godaddy account and here click on your account and click on my products for details (as shown on pic)

Now click on managed wordpress websites and after that click on manage (as shown in pic)


Details of website you may check here and now click on WP Admin to go wordpress webhosting , by clicking this  wordpress will  install on your Godaddy domain.

Make your wordpress account and keep the password and user id with you. Keep your Godaddy and wordpress account and password safe  with you so you can take reference in future . see below wordpress dashboard.

At wordpress website dash board you can configure and customized your  website . I will post a new post how to customize your wordpress website  please keep in touch and subscribe our newsletter.

for video how to do it watchout this link 

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