Remove corrupt stubborn printer driver from PC

In offices or homes sometimes we face very irritating situation when printer does not work because of printer driver which has gone corrupt. It is not easy to get rid of corrupt printer driver. If u simply uninstall the printer it will be uninstall but as and when you will connect the same printer to PC again , print spooler will automatically add the driver of that printer.  so to completely remove corrupted printer driver follow these steps.


अगर आपका प्रिंटर ड्राईवर करप्ट हो गया है और रिमूव करने के बाबजूद बार बार ऑटो में इंस्टाल हो जा रहा है , तो आपके पास विंडो दुबारा डालने के अलावा और कोई चारा नही है , अगर आप बचना चाहते हैं तो निचे दी गयी स्टेप्स फॉलो करें

A. remove printer driver from device and printer by control panel

start-device and printer-select the printer -right click on selected printer – remove device

B. stop print spooler

press      windowkey + R (go to run)-type services.msc-press enter- go to print spooler – do the right click and stop the print spooler.

C. open the registry path below   windowkey + R (go to run)-type gpedit- press enter

hkey local machine/ system/currnet control set/ control/ print/environment/windowsX86/print processors

D. Here rename the process of the printer driver which you want to uninstall

E.    now start the print spooler follow the step B

F.  now follow this

windowkey + R (go to run)-type printmanagement.msc- press enter print management will open

go to all drivers and remove the corrupted printer driver which was corrupt stubborn and not removing earlier

now it will be removed

thanks for reading and please put comments below if it helped you

you may watch this video for live demo






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