Rishi kapoor get trapped to a Math meme, checkout

Sun of The famous actor Raj Kapoor and father of the famous actor Ranvir Kapoor , Mr. Rishi Kapoor as his bio says  who himself is  well known actor. Mr Kapoor is famous on twitter for his “khullam khulla” tweets , he never hesitate to put his view , whether subject is controversial. This friday his son’s film “Jagga Jasoos” was released.  He always remains in new for his witty tweets but this time not because of  witty one. Mr. kapoor get trapped in a meme which says ” count your age and the year of the birth and it will be 2017 always this miracle happens only once in 1000 years” 

he retweeted this meme and did not even try to cross check facts that, this is simple math and it will be always current year. its not a miracle it happens every year. it is as simple as 2+2 is equal to  4 .He also said how it is possible

TV actor Karen Tecker has also commented on that meme , he also could not observe the simple math and he said ” amazing” . Now here comes the trolls they said that now PM Modi should launch the campaign “Beta BAchao Beta Padhao ” as these two celebrity could not understand the simple math logic.

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